District Officers

The District Board consists of the executive board, club presidents, and committee chairs. We were elected and appointed to serve the members of the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District – feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please navigate through the district board tabs to meet the members of your district board.



This individual holds the highest elected office in the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District. He/she acts as a liason with the K-Family on both the district and international levels. The governor also presides over all district board meetings and oversees all events of the district.


This person is in charge of distributing all the district mailings to all of the clubs in the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District. He/she also keeps all the minutes at the district board meetings and distributes them to all important members of the board.


The job of the treasurer is to oversee all the finances for the district. They must keep in constant contact with all the clubs and the International level. He/she has to make sure that all clubs pay dues and keep track of all members throughout the district.

Council of Representatives Executive (CORE)

The CORE assists the club presidents and serves as the chair of the President’s Council. The CORE must also help to charter and reactivate clubs and reach out to Kiwanis clubs about sponsorship of a CKI club.

President’s Council

The President’s Council is made up of all the club presidents (or representative from the club in absence of the president). Each president has a can vote on matters of the district.

Committee Chairs

Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation

Kiwanis Family Relations


District Convention