Monthly Report Form

The Club Monthly Report Form (MRF) can now be submitted through the Membership Update Center.

Club Monthly Report Form: Due the 5th of the month and reports events/activities from the previous month (ie. On April 5th, the March Monthly Report Form is due, etc.)

  • MRFs should be submitted by the Club Secretary.
  • If you have missed an MRF deadline, please submit a form for month as soon as possible! While punctuality is highly valued, submitting late is still much better than not at all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My club didn't hold any events this month, do we still fill out an MRF?

Yes, you must still submit an MRF even if you're club did not participate in any activities or events. This is so that the district can still include your club in our tally of received reports.

Do outside volunteering events/hours (not with Circle K) count in the MRF? 

Yes! If your members do service outside of CKI, that can still be added to your service totals. Don't forget to ask your members if they did any service outside of CKI!

Can an event be both an Interclub and a KFR?

Yes, an event can be both an interclub and a KFR, as long as it fits the specific requirements of each.

My secretary is unable to submit the MRF because of some issue, can the club president or another officer submit it?

Yes, club officers can submit it if the secretary is unable to, but the district would highly encourage that the club secretary submits the MRF because that is what their duty entails.

For any other questions, please contact District Secretary Noah Mackjust at If you are a club secretary and would like to be added to the Club Secretary groupme (chat group), email Noah!