Why Start A Circle K Club?

Benefits of establishing a Circle K Club on Your Campus

What makes Circle K unique from other collegiate service programs? Circle K is a well-established network of college students and community leaders. It has an International Headquarters located in Indianapolis, where a professional staff develops materials on a wide range of topics from community service to student leadership, as well as coordinates an annual meeting for the members. Because each club is sponsored by a Kiwanis club, very few resources are required by the college or university to support a Circle K club. In addition, Circle K involves members of the community with campus life activities. Students’ career development is an indirect benefit of Circle K’s affiliation with Kiwanis, as Circle K’ers interact with their professional counterparts. Circle K International is student lead at the club, district, and international levels, and provides numerous leadership development opportunities through leadership training retreats and interclub service projects. By establishing a Circle K club at your campus, your college or university can tap into an active community service network.

Top 5 personal benefits in being a CKI member:

1. Campus and Community Service– because of CKI’s rich history of helping others, members of CKI clubs share in the tradition of serving their campuses and communities. CKI members, by planning and participating in projects and activities, volunteer their time, talents, ideas and skills for the purpose of making a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on their environment
2. Leadership Development– Through the CKI structure, every Circle K’er has the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills by serving as an officer or chair, district officer or international officer, each member has the opportunity to discover and develop talents and skills
3. Professional Development– Involvement in Circle K will allow college students to apply what they learn in the classroom to everyday situations. the skills that are developed and the opportunities experiences through involvement in Circle K will increase a student’s employability after college. Furthermore, Circle K’s connection to Kiwanis promotes career networking between collegians and professions.
4. Friendship– Because CKI is organized on 500 college and university campuses worldwide, members have the unique opportunity to become friends with collegians from different countries. Attendance at divisional, district, and international conferences and conventions provides members the special chance to learn of diverse perspectives, make new friends, share ideas and concerns, and travel.
5. Scholarship Opportunities– Through the generous efforts of the Kiwanis International Foundation and Kiwanians in the many districts of CKI, each district has a $1,000 scholarship available for the members. In addition, at International Convention, more scholarships are presented to Circle K’ers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and scholarship.