Sub C Corner

What is a Subregion?

A Subregion is a grouping of districts. Each Subregion is represented by a Subregion Trustee that serves on the International Board of CKI.

What is Subregion C?

Subregion C is the Midwestern region of Circle K International, the world’s largest student led collegiate service organization. It contains 5 districts: Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan, Minnesota-Dakotas, and Michigan Districts.

Subregion C Leadership

Subregion C Newsletters:

Subregion C at CKIx:

Subregion C at CKIx Toronto, Trustee Emily Bagwell (MI)


Subregion C at CKIx Indianpolis, Trustee Ashley Wolfe (I-I)

Subregion C at CKIx Nashville, Trustee Jonathan Pevarnek (MI)

Subregion C at CKIx Vancouver, Trustee Cody Schara (W-UM)